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Swinomish slough crossing

The City of Anacortes, Washington state, USA  is just north of Seattle and is only accessed by multiple bridge crossings. The city is deploying over 22KM of fibre through the city for sensing and communications.

The Swinomish slough is one bridge the fibre had to cross and with no other viable route, the only way was the CRALEY way.

This CRALEY method of deployment through the water supply pipe is utilised thoughout the city for communications and leak detection. 


The water supply pipe runs parallel to the bridge and goes under the river. This made the fibre deployment easier and quicker than alternative methods and the section was complete in a matter or hours and did not require any permits.

Deploying fibre via the water supply pipe avoided all the usual challenges like road closures, public disruption, permits and more.This link is part of a 22km trunk route being installed using CRALEY FibreTM to deliver a 288 fibre link from the water treatment works right through to the main city water tower and will be used for leak detection and connecting homes to full fibre. 

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