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In-Pipe Fibre Optics for Sensing & Communications



From Source to Tap - There's a ready-made conduit suitable for deploying fibre optic communication cables

CRALEY Fibre™ is a patented ‘in-pipe’ solution designed specifically for deploying fibre optic communication cables inside new or existing pipeline infrastructure.

The simple but effective solution is based on two key components:


  1. Specially designed pipeline entry and exit fittings: the Final Fittings, and

  2. A special purpose small-bore hollow tube that runs inside the pipeline between the fittings: the Messenger Pipe™

CRALEY Fibre in-pipe fibre optics D-Series

CRALEY Fibre™ D-Series Fitting

Product Overview

CRALEY Fibre Features Overview
CRALEY Fibre M-Series in-pipe fibre optics

CRALEY Fibre™ M-Series Fitting

Why use CRALEY Fibre™ ?

Using CRALEY Fibre™ for fibre optic deployment makes perfect sense, as the infrastructure is already there. This existing infrastructure provides a ready-made conduit in which a fibre cable can be installed at a faster and more cost-effective way, when compared to traditional methodologies.


Using CRALEY Fibre™ consistently provides:

  • A faster deployment method

  • Reduced civil works

  • Less neighbourhood disruption

  • Less traffic management and disruption

  • Cost reductions

  • Minimal or no requirement for wayleaves and easement access

One of the key design concepts with CRALEY Fibre™ is the hollow Messenger Pipe™, which is a deliberate engineering consideration, and make the finished installation fully future-proofed against changing fibre technology and/or fibre count requirements. Once the Messenger Pipe™ installation has been completed, the fibre cable can be inserted using standard fibre-blowing techniques, installing just as many fibres as is required at that point. Should the requirement change, or fibre cable technology has moved on, the cable can simply be removed and a new cable blown-in at any time.

CRALEY Fibre FTTx, FTTH, FTTP, Rural Broadband

An image showing a typical valve bypass with a CRALEY Fibre™ T-Series fitting

Benefits Overview


CRALEY Fibre™ is suitable for use on any pipeline size or material.


All 'wet-parts' are water industry approved and certified safe to use on potable water networks by WRAS and NSF, plus they have Reg31 & Reg 33 approval in the UK.


CRALEY Fibre™  fittings interface with industry standard pipe saddles, bosses or flange fittings


Pipelines, particularly potable water pipelines, provide a highly-interconnected network of ready-made conduits for the deployment of fibre optic communication cables


CRALEY Fibre™ facilitates the creation of a future-proofed SMART Pipeline, providing not only communication links, but also monitoring and third-party intrusion capabilities


CRALEY Fibre™ is particularly suitable for extra-urban and rural fibre deployment; areas where using traditional techniques are not always commercially viable

Benefits by Sector

Using CRALEY Fibre™ provides the opportunity for pipeline owners to create mutually beneficial collaborations  with ISPs, telecommunication companies, municipalities and/or communities to increase fibre penetration and increase 'social inclusion'.


Typical uses:


  • Point to Point fibre links and dark-fibre provision

  • 4G, 5G and FTTx applications

  • SCADA communications network upgrade

  • Intranet networks

  • Real-time, evidential-grade CCTV backhaul

  • Smart Cities and Smart Communities applications

  • Leak Monitoring, Third-party Intrusion and CBRM mitigation when combined with CRALEY Sensing™


  • Facilitating SMART pipeline Networks

  • Ultra-fast fibre connections to all assets, sensors and actuators

  • Advanced, 24/7 365
    real-time leak monitoring when combined with

    CRALEY Sensing™

  • Internal communication links between assets

  • Third-Party Intrusion (TPi) detection

  • Water Terrorism
    (CBRN & Toxin Mitigation)

  • Faster deployment of fibre optic cables

  • Quicker time to market and faster ROI

  • Makes rural and outlying fibre connectivity commercially viable

  • Minimal disruption

  • Primarily trenchless

  • Minimised permitting required

  • Minimised wayleaves and easement access

  • Fibre-counts of up to 432 available

  • Cost-effective backhaul connectivity for increased cell-count numbers

  • Fibre optic that can deliver necessary backhaul speeds

  • Ideal for creation of private 5G networks

  • Particularly suitable for rural areas

  • Sensor connectivity for SMART utility networks and SMART cities

  • Increased mobile coverage 

  • Metro-cell backhaul

  • Femto-cell backhaul

  • Deeper fibre penetration for same CAPEX cost

  • Municipality owned networks

  • Private campus networks

  • Breaking the digital divide and addressing social inclusion

  • Particularly suitable for rural and outlying areas

  • Community/municipal communication links

  • Backhaul for mobile infill coverage of not-spots

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