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Swift Beam Pilot CRALEY Fibre™ Home-drop in Muscat, Oman

The Project


CRALEY Group and Swift Beam, a Fibre to the home (FTTH) network design company, in close collaboration with Oman Broadband, achieved the first FTTH pilot link in Muscat, Oman, using the patented CRALEY Fibre™ solution.

This installation consisted of a typical home-drop deployment, which goes from the external wall of the house to its interior. The complete installation of the home-drop, using our standard techniques, was completed in less than half an hour, including all the works.

The 30 meter implementation was completed with our patented CRALEY Fibre™ M-Series accessories, connected 30 meters from our approved and certified "Messenger Pipe".

All materials that come in contact with water are approved by the water industry and have certification of safe use in drinking water networks.

“Everyone was impressed after checking the speed of the installation. After only 10 seconds, the 30 meters of Messenger Pipe had been deployed inside the pipe. Local engineers were enthusiastic about the ease with which CRALEY Fibre™ products can be deployed to cover these types of installations, as they solve many last-mile connectivity problems. "

Neil Smith, Chief Engineer - CRALEY Group

Swift Beam and Oman Broadband have been very interested in the solutions of CRALEY Group, especially to cover the final connection and the "last-mile" deployment.

Our smaller solutions offer an incredible opportunity for telecommunications companies and ISPs to connect homes in the cleanest, fastest and least disruptive way possible.

"CRALEY Group has many expectations in supplying Home-Drop to Oman Broadband. For this reason, our team will return to Oman to install new links. This is just the beginning of a successful development in this region for CRALEY Group and our solutions. "


Commercial Director - CRALEY Group

The products of CRALEY Fibre™ last-mile and home-drop are approved for a simple installation carried out directly by our partners and customers.

Once the client has received training and approval to install the CRALEY Fibre™ solution, local Oman engineers will be able to install new implementations.

A unique project?


No, the requirement is to connect each dwelling in each region; Where there is no existing communications infrastructure or the condition of the existing one is poor and deteriorated. Traditional installation techniques are slow, problematic and not profitable for ISP and telecommunications companies.

CRALEY Group is already involved in similar projects in Europe, North America and South America. According to our experience, there are the same requirements to cover "last-mile" connections in all countries of the world.

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